Sing Yogic Mantras to beautiful melodies to promote meditative states of consciousness. This practice in yoga is called kirtan and it is a branch of Bhakti and Mantra Yoga.

The mantras will be in Sanskrit, an ancient language known for it’s vibrational quality.  A mantra is a mathematical formula of vibration and syllable that produces a desired effect. These mantras bring about an expansion in our consciousness that dissolves feelings of separation and deepens feeling of connection and universal love. A more peaceful, harmonious state of mind ensues.

 During kirtan a mantra will be sung in call and response fashion and melodic accompaniment will be played on the harmonium – an instrument traditionally used in kirtan and known for it’s vibrational resonance with the human voice. You will be led by an experienced lead kirtanist and have the aid of printed mantra sheets.

Kirtan is also a wonderful opportunity to channel the sound of our voice in a positive way, to give rise to expression and transform emotion. Excellent for the balancing of the heart and throat chakra.

Kirtan is a method of bypassing the intellect and entering the ‘feeling’ state in order to achieve a deep state of meditation.

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