Individual Sound Massage

A deeply relaxing individual session.

Lie comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table and allow yourself to become enveloped in deeply relaxing sounds and vibrations. Sound healing tools will be used on and around the body. Tune in to the sacred sounds of the gong, quartz crystal singing bowl, therapeutic brass singing bowls & tuning forks.

This complete immersion in sound and vibration will take you to a blissful state of harmony and peace. Reset the natural vibration of the body, let go of stress, improve the flow of energy in the body, release physical or emotional pain, and connect with the energetic realm of sound & vibration – the realm of creation! One client described the experience as like being injected with prana or life force.

The perfect way to let go of stress, improve sleep, experience pain relief and release tension at the physical, mental and emotional level.

A truly beautiful experience.



I felt blissful by the end of the session. The sounds produced are amazingly calming and nurturing for the body and soul. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a way to help relax and to calm the body and mind.’ Kerri

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