Classes, Courses and Enrolments

 Casual Relaxation Classes,Term Booked Classes, Day courses,  Private, Group & Corporate Classes are all available. Please read on and select which class is most suitable for you. For yoga classes head to the ‘yoga‘ page.

singing bowls meditation | image by Michael Rayment

Sacred Sounds Meditation Casual

A lying down practice that enables you to reach a profound state of relaxation utilizing an extraordinarily powerful array of Singing Bowls.

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singing bowls meditation | image by Michael Rayment

Sacred Sounds Meditation Term Booked

Singing Bowl meditation. Cheaper per class than the Casual Option.

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meditation day course teaser image

Meditation Day Course

Learn the philosophy of meditation and practical techniques. Lunch included.

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private meditation class for individuals, couples, and groups

Private Class Meditation

Pick your time. Learn various meditation techniques or allow the sound of singing bowls to take you to a  blissful state of deep relaxation. Individual, couples, group and corporate bookings available.

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chant and meditate with The Yoga Shed's harmonium

Chant & Meditate

Sing Yogic Mantras to harmonious melodies to promote meditative states of consciousness.

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meditating people lying down with eyes covered, with an abundance of singing bowls and instruments around

Sacred Vibrations

Similar to Sacred Sounds Meditation but the limited class size gives a more personalised and concentrated experience of the Sound Meditation instruments up close to the body. It’s a bit like bathing in sound & vibration!

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woman lying down in meditation, with a singing bowl and scents on a table nearby

Scent and Sound Meditation

Chakra Balancing with a Lying Down Meditation, Singing Bowls, Positive Affirmations and doTERRA Essential Oils.

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