Private Meditation Class

This class would suit an individual, couple, groups of friends or Corporate Group.

Find a meditation that suits you and perhaps develop your own home based routine.

This is perfect for visitors to the Hunter Valley who would like to balance their tourist activities with some meditation. Book a Friday afternoon timeslot to get you ready for weekend relaxation mode, or perhaps Saturday or Sunday morning to set the right tone for the day. Booking well in advance of your visit will ensure you have as many options as possible.

Alternatively this class is perfect for locals who would like to have an introduction to meditation before heading into the main yoga term, or for those whose schedules don’t fit in with the regular timeslots on offer. This is also a good option for individuals who may be overwhelmed by a group environment or who simply would like some one on one instruction in a class tailored to suit their needs.

Various Meditation Techniques will be taught utilising both the sitting and lying down position. Meditation techniques include tratak (candle flame gazing), Japa with Mala (meditation technique using a beaded necklace), pranayama (breath control/expansion) meditations and sound meditations. 

A gentle note to groups of friends and corporate groups. It is important that all participants understand the need to be respectful of the sacred space offered at The Yoga Shed and to show respect for the yoga practices.  Please do not unnecessarily distract others who may wish to tap into the benefits of yoga.

Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at in the immediate moment. ~Alan Watts

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