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What is Yoga?

The word yoga means to yoke, bind or unite. It is a system of practices, which can be used to bring about the unification of the body, mind and spirit. On a more practical level, it is a complete system of health, which can lead to greater physical, mental and emotional balance.

Yoga at The Yoga Shed includes physical postures, dynamic physical sequences, breathing practices and meditation.

Benefits of Yoga:

*strengthens and tones


*stress relief

*Reduces anxiety

*normalizes blood pressure

*improved digestion

*cardiovascular fitness & circulation

*improved joint function

* better posture

*reduces back pain

*sense of connection

*regulates endocrine system

*focus & concentration

*alleviates depression

*increased vitality


Classes, Courses and Enrolments

Beginners Classes, Term Booked Yoga Classes, Casual Relaxation Classes, Private classes, Day courses, and Corporate Classes are all available. Please read on and select which class is most suitable for you.

For meditation classes click  ‘meditation‘ 

For Upcoming Casual classes clickCasual Classes

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For those new to The Yoga Shed or yoga newbies in general

Intro to Yoga

Learn practical yoga techniques to help you live a healthier, calmer life.




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Our regular 8-week yoga course

10 Week Yoga Term

Book in for a 10 week Yoga or Sacred Sounds Meditation Term. If you’re new to yoga, we have introductory sessions to get you started.


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Private class yoga for individuals, couples, and groups

Private Class Yoga

Want to practice yoga at time that suits you? Individual, couples, group and corporate bookings available.



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Learn Neti (nasal wash) in our Yoga Cleanse day course

Yoga Cleanse Day Course

Learn Neti (nasal wash) & yoga practices that help to cleanse and detoxify. Lunch included.


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Scent and Sound Yoga

doTERRA Essential Oils, Singing Bowls, Restorative Yoga and Chakra Balancing


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